Egmore Station

Egmore Station
Lines of symmetry

Monday, June 29, 2009


Theres one new post recently on Rgv`s blog 'thoughts that grew me`. when i first read it i felt like he copied my idea of such post before i even implemented it. He states in the post that "we all are born with blank minds and are programmed by parents, teachers, society around and things n thoughts that we catch here and there" and presents few of the thoughts which he has read/heard somewhere.
Not with such a profound intention/idea, i just wanted to post some of the qoutes/phrases that catched my attention, which i spared some time thinking about them. Here are few of them:

1] We are the stories we tell ourselves - Shekar kapur.

2] U get a job, you become the job - taxi drver.

3] ...but because people are weak that they lie to themselves - Rashomon(Kurosawa`s).

4] To define is to limit - Ninoy Job.

5] Looking at work as stepping stones is something I don't have any time or energy for. It seems a shame to look at your work as some sort of means to an end, because the end is death, you know? The means is the flesh and blood, so you'd better enjoy it. F--- the end - James Spader(Alan Shore of Boston Legal).

6] The point of life is that there is no point to it. So the best point we can aim at is to live it point by point and point to point. – RGV.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back 2 Blog

Done with my btp viva, celebrating the eve with a post on my blog. writing the thesis for a btp which i havent done anything is one of the toughest things. but i felt very relieved when out of viva after being subjected to the panel of five profs for 45mins, their repeatative questions, me yelling back at panel(actually not yelling, but i raised my voice).
This is the day i have been waiting from last four year, the day to leave this place. Done with my btp(though a course left over, actually 2 credits short for my btech degree) i feel very free. ANVESH UNLEASHED.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


the prophecy has come true. no posts for a long time. but surely ll write when i want to.... ;)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am interested in movie making, not in sfm (lit-soc) event.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Guest Post by BLESSI

this time its a guest post by Blessi on his favourite, sambar...
Sambar O' Tasty Sambar

Sambar O' Tasty Sambar
Without u,life was like a dambar
With pickle you are like a cool bar
So please be with me har bar

Sambar O' Tasty Sambar

Papad to you is like a soul mate
So please be in my plate
Come to me by breaking the gate
I will buy you with out seeing the rate

Sambar O' Tasty Sambar

Vegetables in you are like fishes in the river
Goes deep down the stomach without any shiver
If I don't eat you, I will get fever
That is the reason Rasam is taken in fewer

Sambar O' Tasty Sambar

Bring it hot or bring it cold
I will gulp it without hold
I don't even care if it is old
This is what stomach told
me: its already posted on group?
or going to b posted??


Friday, September 19, 2008


It was on Monday that sai told me about their new Madam for marketing class in E slot. She is a P.G student under the regular prof and was taking couple of classes of which one is due on wednesday and suggested me attend the class. I have my principles of management by Sangamithra madam in E slot. So I didn’t thought of his suggestion seriously.
But on Tuesday when I met Ranga and only raised the topic of their new marketing madam, he too enthusiastically told about her and also that Harmo has already taken her pic with his cell. I felt like attending her class. But I forgot it after sometime.
On Wednesday in A slot, slot before E slot that day, it was really boring. To me class rooms are the dullest places on the earth. They take away my life. I would do anything to avoid a class. But some are unavoidable. I wasn’t paying attention to the lecture. I remembered marketing madam. I never experienced the thrill of sitting in some other class leaving my class. Thought of attending her class for a change but still didn’t firmly decide to attend the class.
After the class, walking towards DoMS, where my regular class n this new madams class are being held, I was still in a dilemma remembering my low attendance. May be because of the distress caused by earlier classes I moved towards the new class. The class is already occupied and the students were waiting for Madam. Backbenchers, I made their heads turn, recognized the foreigner in the class and welcomed with a smile. Took my seat among Ranga, sankerth in the last row. Then came a lady(??girl??) and started taking attendance. She is fair, slim, age of 25+, decently dressed in red salwar khameez, average looking girl. I was little disappointed because of prior hype given by my friends. But wait. Soon after attendance she started her lecture. The class was racy, interactive and went almost uninterrupted except for once. She took a minute or so scolding someone in the front rows. `switch off your cell, I thought I was talking to well grown students…..dash, dash` though it was only for minute they were strong words.
Before we started enquiring what happened, she started her lecture n continued in her style. With wide forehead, raising her eyebrows high once in a while, putting her lower lip in between the teeth when she asks a question, child like. She is very expressive. She was talking about 4Ps- Product, price, place, promotion. Even the class was interesting, like her.
After the class, we come to know that the interruption was because of one more guy trying to take her pic.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Book Review

Title: what do I do when I want to do everything?
Author: Barbara sher (
The back cover reads:
Are you a scanner?
“I’m fascinated by something new every week!”
“I lose interest in things I thought would interest me forever.”
“I enjoy finding out how to do new things but get bored once I understand them.”
“Having just one career for life sounds so dull- what about all the other jobs I might like?”
If your passions and abilities take you in so many different directions that you find it difficult to set a goal and achieve the life you want, then you may be a scanner. Unlike people who are satisfied with one area of interest, you are genetically wired to pursue many interests and goals.

The title and the words on back cover tempted me to start reading it.
Book starts with prologue of her own story in her college days. It’s divided into two parts, eight chapters in part 1 .Chap 1 introduces the symptoms of scanners. Chap 2…. Put this chapters business aside.
In the book she introduces us to a kind of typology- people can be roughly divided between “scanners” and “divers”. The modern world is set up to favor and pander to the divers. Divers are people who specialize in one discipline and work towards becoming settled within it (at whatever level seems to work out for them). Doctors, lawyers, athletes and similar professionals whose training and career will have included long periods of focusing on just one area are usually divers.
Scanners, on the other hand, find themselves interested in many seemingly unrelated topics, struggled( or were never able) to choose one subject to major in, and are often viewed and treated less favorably by our current society.
The content is very systematically presented, firstly about the symptoms of the scanners, reasons for their behavior like leaving the things half done (from a divers perspective), then few words boosting the scanners morale, quoting few noted scanners n their works and then many exercises and techniques to build the gap between planning and doing, which are also useful for non scanners.
In the second part she classifies the scanners into 10 categories, though no scanner completely falls into particular category and elaborates symptoms and prescribes the apt working methods.
It ends with three types of resumes for a scanner.